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Brass Coated Steel Wire(Hose
Reinforcement Steel Wire)


Hose wire is also called Hose Reinforcement Steel Wire,Brass Coated Steel Wire for Rubber Hose Reinforcement,Rubber Tube Wire.It is widely used as reinforcement layer of the rubber hose and wrapped or knitted rubber hose in the form of braid or spirally wrapped sprial hydraulic hoses.These high-pressure rubber hose could sustain high pressure and high impact and they can be used for machinery,aviation,ocean,oil drilling industry and some other special occasions.

Due to being used reliable heat treatment and brass-coated technology in production process,our steel wires have been more stable not only to enhance the quality of the rubber hose,but also to increase adhesion between the wire and rubber. 



Tensile Strength- 2450-2750; Mpa;Elongation  ≥ 1.6% ; Mass of Coating(g/kg)-   2.00-7.00 ; Copper Percentage-  64.0-72.0


Tensile Strength: 2450-2750 Mpa; Elongation  ≥ 1.6% ; Mass of Coating(g/kg)-  3.00-7.00 ; Copper Percentage-  64.5-70.5


Tensile Strength: 2450-2750 Mpa; Elongation  ≥ 1.6% ; Mass of Coating(g/kg)-  2.00-7.00; Copper Percentage-  64.5-72.0